Mar. 2nd, 2016

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Since the accident that disfigured him, Morgan Fletcher has lived alone. He has a housekeeper and occasional servants, but mostly he has the big house to himself. Since he can't bear the way people looks at his face, this is how Morgan likes it.

Until, one day, a baby shows up on the doorstep. For some reason, Morgan and his housekeeper (Engel) keep the child. And then another kid shows up. And another.

One day Morgan sees a child appear out of thin air.

Because of the children, Morgan and Engel befriend Dr. Crane.

And then things get creepier and creepier..

The book jacket describes this short novel as an inversion of the "children go someplace magical and save it" story, and it sort of is.. but it is also a very disturbing horror story for adults.

If that's what you like, check this book out because it is really good.
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His shoulders were very broad and elegantly muscled, his hairless chesticles crowned by the sweetest looking little nipples. Mmm, nipples, my own body purred.

Jane True discovers she is part selkie and almost immediately starts making the sign of the hump-backed water buffalo with a vampire. A vampire named Ryu, no less. Who is, like, totally in love with her.

Oh, and also there is a serial killer going around murdering other people who are half supernatural creature.

So yeah, this reads like a seventeen-year-old wrote it, but it was fun and I'll probably read the next one once I get over that quote.
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*the true story of my fairy godparent, who almost killed me, and certainly never made me a princess

Jennifer acquires a fairy godparent (who prefers to be called a fairy godmofo, for good reason as it turns out), and makes three wishes. Unfortunately, as soon as Jennifer's wishes come true, he springs the catch on her: she has to kiss some other girl's boyfriend at the school dance or she will DIE.

I really liked this book a lot. My only big problem was the fact that Jennifer is supposed to be a Shakespeare nut, but she doesn't know that "Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon 'em," is a dick joke.

This makes this excerpt fucking hilarious:

And sometimes even working for it isn't enough. You really do have to have it thrust upon you to get you started.


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