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I have been trying to space out the Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire stuff, honest I have. It's just That her stuff is so dang good.

However, this one is a little iffy. After the events of the first book, Sal is shaken. Everyone wants a piece of her, too. So, to figure out how to stop the tapeworms from blindly killing their hosts AND themselves, everyone begins looking for a solution.

This is suspenseful and gross, but it's just not plausible to keep throwing your character from one dangerous situation to the other. I think Sal gets like 12 hours of sleep in the whole book.

Which could explain a few things, but still..

On the whole a good read.
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I am hoping after my carpal tunnel surgery I will feel more inclined to update this blog. I realize I've been neglecting it terribly. I post all updates to my twitter feed, though, maybe you should look into that.

So. This is a fantasy novel about a woman who is a "touchstone" for someone pretty important in the supernatural world. One day at work she meets an incubus, and discovers she can be someone's touchstone merely by touching them. This seems obvious from the name, but whatever.

And there was a plot of some sort.

This was entertaining but, as you can tell, not very memorable. I'll probably check out the next book at some point.
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Cadel Piggot is an incredibly smart kid who gets in trouble for hacking in school and meets a very strange therapist. From there his life gets complicated, as he finds that his real father is some sort of evil mastermind.

At 14, Cadel enters a strange school for villains, and this is where he learns about the biggest betrayals in his life.

This is a pretty good read, but it takes a while.
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This is the third book in the Incryptid series, a series I sometimes think was written just for me because it is about MONSTERS. So many monsters. And there are flying frogs in this one.

Alex is trying to deal with his cryptid research and his hot-but-getting-too-close girlfriend when a partially petrified man shows up on zoo property.

Trying to figure out who's killing people is complicated by the fact that the girlfriend is more than she seems, because of course she is.

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After Jamie's grandmother dies, Jamie gets ahold of her grandmother's diary and freaks out about how she only cared about the shallow stuff.

This leads to Jamie doing a lot of boring, sensible things.
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Ottoline meets a girl who makes up stories and decides that she and Mr. Munroe should try out this school thing. Of course there are adventures. and ghosts!

This story is fun and short and has neat illustrations.
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I was not expecting a sequel to The True Meaning of Smekday, but given that there's a movie now I suppose it was inevitable.

In the further adventures of Tip and J.Lo they travel to the new Boov homeworld to clear J.Lo's name. This does not work out as planned.

Pretty good book, with great comic book stuff in between some chapters.

I guess what I really want is a full comic book about the Boov.

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This novel is a big pile of horror cliches. Evil witches, evil music, blond chicks with dreadlocks, shit like that.

An ex-junkie who works as a DJ is selected to receive the wrath brought down by her ancestors and so she has to give birth to Satan's baby or some shit.

In the book the dog is named Steve and in the movie the dog is named Toby.

While this is not a GOOD book by any stretch of the imagination, it still makes more sense than the movie, which is a fucking mess. I'm going to chalk that up to Evenson.
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The new applicant for master of the castle isn't quite what anyone expected. For one thing, she's a child. For another, she isn't very.. nasty.

But the denizens of the castle like her a lot, which is a problem when the person whose invitation Molly stole shows up to take her position.

I really liked this book.
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Sally Mitchell died but came back. Her memories didn't come back, though--she had to relearn most of her life.

Six years later, Sally seems to be on even ground. But there is a weird sickness arising in people around her. People drop everything, become catatonic, then violent.

Is this sickness related somehow to the genetically engineered tapeworms almost everyone is using? And why do the stricken know Sally's name?

This is a creepy one--even though I knew the big reveal WAY ahead of time.
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Two brothers and their mom are on the run from some evil magicians. The guys think they are protecting their mom, but it turns out there's way more at stake.

This was a decent story but I didn't really get into it very much.
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A ship full of people goes out to do a show about mermaids for a cable station.

In a horrific twist, they find some.

This book is so scary I want to worship it.

It's also really short & really expensive tho, so I don't think I'll be getting the chance.
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A K.J. Parker short story collection? Fucking sweet!

I'd read a few of these online (the website doesn't have them anymore), but they're really good so I read most of those again. Also, two of her chapbooks (short books published only as really expensive hardcovers) are in here, which is AWESOME.

So if someone gets me this book for my birthday I won't need those.

Anyhow: really good stories about all sorts of things, including magic, plus a few essays. If you like Parker you will really like this book.
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And then when I do manage to fall asleep I have nightmares, like the one I had last night that I was married to Bruce Willis, and whenever Bruce got out of the shower, he would dry off his naughty parts while singing the song "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

Princess Mia is 25 now, and still with Michael and fat Louie. Her dad is running for re-election against a slimy cousin.

Things would be great--except Mia's dad has a deep secret and Michael's got, like, shadows in his eyes or some shit.

Funny book with an obvious spin-off series in the works.
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Okay, this book is clearly marketed as horror, but I read the whole damn thing wondering why. What was the author getting at?

I guess the horror element is supposed to be the supernatural creature that goes around encouraging people in this family to do bad shit, but.. it just seems to me that a lot of people will do those things without a supernatural reason.

So what you're left with is a really disjointed family saga or some shit.

Well enough-written, but plotwise this book is a complete mess.
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Here we have a big collection of short stories that I just.. REALLY liked. There was only one story in the whole volume that wasn't to my taste.

All of the stories fall somewhere on the fantasy/horror spectrum and I will be reading other work by these authors.
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This is the sequel to Slugs, because of course there's a sequel.

Man-eating slugs are all over London. Even touching the slime will fuck you up, causing illness and what seems to be an allergic reaction, followed by psychosis and death. Fun!

Hutson knows how to fuck with your mind by writing sex scenes that wind up slug brunches, but more than once is really kind of cheating.

Cheesy, gross, readable.

I read this for the movie-watching contest I've been entering for the past three Junes.
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Problem #1: the protagonist of this book is named Quincie Morris.

I requested this from the libary a while ago, but wasn't interested and never read it.

So it was kind of weird when the book showed up in my requests again. Weird enough that I went ahead and read it anyway.

Quincie's parents died so she is under the care of her uncle. The two of them are trying to update their restaurant's image so it won't go under, and Quincie's uncle wants it to have a vampire theme.

The head chef is murdered, and the new guy is kinda weird. Also, Quincie's new boyfriend is half-werewolf and he'll have to leave soon.

Story was kind of cheesy & predictable.
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Rose was killed by a serial killer on prom night, and now she's a hitchhiking ghost and part-time psychopomp.

The guy who killed Rose used to be a movie star, but he made a deal with some dark powers to live forever. The fact that he has to kill to do this doesn't deter him in the slightest.

But Rose is the one who got away. And he's looking for her..

Great writing in this book, but it was kind of disjointed and even slightly anti-climactic.

I still enjoyed it.
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A bunch of people are trapped in a theater with an alien entity. Only some teenagers on a field trip are free to fight.

Your basic Puppet Masters rip off, but decent reading.
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