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Tobe Hooper agrees to a showing of the first movie he ever made--one he doesn't remember making--because the money offered will help him make his next film. The thing is, the film appears to be a catalyst. People who've seen it go crazy and beat the shit out of people, or turn into zombies and make more zombies, or become insane with lust and start spreading that--and blue fluids--around to everyone they fuck.

I know how it sounds, but this is a very good book and insanely hard to put down. Part of it is the narrative style: it's all told in first-person interviews and e-mails and blog posts. Very grotesque and readable.
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Three ancient creatures called the Norn declare that an ogre must be killed and a princess rescued, and a group of creatures (and one young boy) find themselves volunteered on the basis that they had no money for snacks and couldn't sneak out.

However, it looks like the ogre is the one who needs rescuing from the princess, who refuses to leave. The Norn, being persistent, call in ghosts to do the job the first group refused to do, and the princess's parents send an army.

Only by then, the only one who wants to leave is the ogre.

I really, really like this book. A lot.
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When Leonard kicks the shit out of some guys at a bar, no charges are pressed and the picture of the guy with his head through the sheet rock is cracking up the police station. This does not turn out to be the end of it, though.

One of the guys wants Leonard and Hap to get his younger brother to stop being an idiot and hanging around with bank robbers.

This isn't a very long story, but it is funny and violent and VERY good.

Also in this volume is a disturbing short story about an incident in Hap's past.
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Gary and his girlfriend, Joan, go to the Burning Man festival with three friends. On the last day of the festival, Joan is abducted.

The problem is, no-one even believes Joan existed, because all evidence of her has been erased--even her facebook page. The police are suspicious of her friends.

Gary sets out to look for Joan on his own, and finds no-one at her parents' home. also there is a random crazy guy who tries to kill him. And then a strange cult kidnaps Gary..

This book is really creepy and very good.
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I love this book! It is mostly about drawing and the creative process, and it is full of neat art and exercises. Mostly, though, I love how much fun to read and look at the book is. Lynda Barry is AWESOME.
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A collection of lovely, disturbing stories. It is hard to figure out anything to say about this book other than it is REALLY good.
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This novel is a completely different take on the minotaur/labyrinth myth. It's all very separate-the-truth-from-the-myth, but with a little bit of mysticism thrown in there. (The guy still has a bull's head, after all.)

The story is told from the point of view of one of the bull-headed guy's sisters, Princess Xenodice. She tells how the longings of her ambitious older sister and prideful father lead to plots against her brother.

I really liked this book.


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