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In this novel, Lanagan expands on of her shorts stories that really stuck in my mind. Some details are changed to support the longer version.

One child of the islands is rejected and ostracized because of the way she looks. She also has certain powers that, when she gets older, attract seals. Her anger bubbles over and she learns to call up selkies.

Men on the island are hopelessly drawn to the seal-women, and human women are driven from the island in shame and anger.

This is an amazing book.
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Okay, so, um, this novel is the sequel to John Dies at the End, a book of comic horror that Don Coscarelli turned into a movie that my brother gets to see this month at a film festival. Yes, I'm jealous.

JDATE is a hell of a good book, but you can read Spiders even if you didn't read that one.

It is hard for me to write about books I like (you may have noticed), so I don't know how good this review will be--I ADORE THIS BOOK.

Okay, so.. the story is about Dave, who wakes up one night to a pain in his leg and finds some sort of spider-like critter gnawing on him. Except it's much bigger and worse than a spider. And it turns out the spiders crawl into you and take you over and make you their murder robots. And also that they've set up a nest like bedbugs or something right in Dave's fucking bed. So Dave's friend John sets the bed on fire.

This was not a good move.

Anyway, stop reading this and go get your hands on this book.

Just don't read it before bed.


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