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There is a tentative peace between two countries that have been warring for decades. One country decides it would be a great political move to send a team of fencers to the other country for an exhibition.

Since they cannot be assured of volunteers, the government blackmails and coerces and generally forces people to join the team.

It is really hard to put down one of Parker's novels. Part of this is that there are no chapter breaks, and I keep finding myself 200 pages in before I realize that those little one-line breaks between paragraphs are going to be my only chance for sleep.

But the other part is just that the stories are just so damn fascinating. sometimes it is great to read something where you really have to concentrate to follow the action and everything is so fucked up you have no idea what will happen next.

I found out from the author page that there are six K.J. Parker novels I haven't read or gotten ahold of yet. So I put them all on my wish list, in case some rich stranger comes along and wants to make a weirdo happy.
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Tried to read this a few years ago, didn't get into it. This time, I read it in five hours and I don't think I got off the couch the whole time.

When the Store comes to town, it rips up a scenic spot and animals die all over the site. The hiring practices are weird and the place is extra creepy at night. People shop there anyway--it's convenient and cheap.

Then the Store starts putting the whole town out of business. They've bought the town council, and people who won't leave or sell out disappear.

This book scared the living shit out of me.


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