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I picked this up at a library bag sale because it looked silly and fun. I got one part right, anyway.

Justine Jones is torn between two guys, both with supernatural powers. There's her boyfriend, the powerful and somewhat abusive (she can't see it but the reader can) mayor, and her mentor--also powerful, hates her boyfriend, and is pathetically obvious about being all about her. Justine can't see that either. Honestly, she is a pain in the butt.

Oblivious narrators get on my fucking nerves.

So the story arc is somewhat a given, but I figure maybe we will get some sex scenes out of it. But the first sex scene in the book is interrupted right before she orgasms with some bullshit that makes sure the scene doesn't pay off.

This is known as bullshit.

The other sex scene SHOULD be really good, but cuts off before it gets going. Carolyn Crane, total twat-blocker.

And then. AND THEN. The fucking ending. (I forgot to mention this book is the second in a trilogy.) So the big revelations are had, she's going to have her happy ending, and BOOM. Bad guys forcibly take away/change Justine's memories.

This is the most useless attempt to get a third book I think I've ever read. First of all, the ending of the third book is bound to just be the ending of this one again. And the whole book will be Justine slowly learning shit we already know. Why would anyone read that?

GodDAMN, this book pisses me off.


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